Robotic Procedures on a Beating heart.


HeartLander is a new medical device, well into pre-clinical development, that enables minimally invasive surgical procedures any place on the surface of a beating heart. HeartLander is placed on the epicardium through a small, sub-xiphoid port. It walks on the surface of the heart like an inchworm, providing a mobile platform with a stable frame-of-reference relative to the beating heart surface. It provides a superior alternative to closed-chest, beating heart endoscopic surgery and endocardial approaches. Lead applications are cardiac ablation and biventricular pacing lead placement.

Approximately 550,000 ablation and lead placement procedures are performed annually, representing a market potential for HeartLander of $450 million.

Leading electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons have indicated significant interest in this innovation and its key physician benefits: more precise and accurate procedures, faster and more efficient protocols, and lower patient exposure to fluoroscopic radiation.

HeartLander has been used in numerous in vivo porcine procedures, which have demonstrated that the device has a broad range of capabilities. Currently on its third generation, the device is only 8.5mm in diameter. Enhancements could shrink HeartLander to 3mm. Additional information on early prototypes can be found on our academic partner’s website.

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